CCM designs, develops and manufactures various machines that satisfy the following sectors:

  • Aerospace

    For the aerospace sector, we offer testing machines for characterization or fatigue tests, shakers for stress tests or heating plate presses for molding samples.
  • Automotive

    Wide offer for the automotive sector: test machines designed for characterization or fatigue tests of shock absorbers, bushings, springs, leaf springs, dampers, anti-vibration mounts. Other machines produced for this sector are straightening presses or special machines for automated assembly.
  • Household Appliances

    We produce deep-drawing presses that can be used to make the metal part of different types of household appliances and presses for welding fabrics to make thermal blankets.
  • Railway

    For the railway sector we offer: test machines for testing and checking the components of railway bogies such as springs, leaf springs and shock absorbers including anti-wastage for ETR wagons. Portals for assembly and disassembly of railway carriages and other equipment to facilitate work under chasses.
  • Foundry

    Production of machines specially designed to facilitate and speed up the de-scoring of foundry castings.
  • Geotechnics

    Installation of vibrating table in geotechnical centrifuge for earthquake simulation.
  • Mechanics

    We produce a wide range and type of presses for various uses in the field of mechanics as well as special machines made for specific customer needs, such as machines for automated assembly or for particular products.
  • Eyewear

    For the eyewear sector we produce machines for the production of cellulose acetate blocks or presses with heating plates for gluing.
  • Packaging

    In the packaging sector we supply controlled stroke presses for the production of plastic containers or presses for the formation of fiberglass products.

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