Press with Heated Plates for Celluloid Blocks

Press of 2500 kN with heated plates to produce blocks of celluloid and PVC

These presses allow the production of cellulose acetate blocks to obtain the best quality eyeglass frames. The frame obtained from the block differs from others that can be obtained by gluing a colored film, because it is completely made with colored acetate that maintains its brightness and color over time.

In the operating cycle it is envisaged that the acetate in granular or plate form, placed on steel plates, is inserted into the two compartments of the machine, once the compartments are closed, the acetate is kept under pressure and subjected to a thermal cycle ( heated, kept in temperature and then cooled).

At the end of the cycle, the block iobtained can be unloaded from the machine compartments.

For the production of glued products we propose presses with heating plates.

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