Test Bench of Transmission Parts

The test bench of TRANSMISSION PARTS consists of two DC motors, one for driving and the other for braking the testing element. On the motors shafts is placed instrumentation designed to detect the values of torque and speed at the entrance and the exit of the element tested, thus being able to obtain the efficiency.

The test bench was done in order to be used in three different modes:

  • closed circuit (motor-brake) reducer – joints, etc.
  • as a motor for pumps, brakes, etc..
  • as brake for all types of engines, etc.

Used in closed circuit our test bench works with power circulation: the energy is recovered from braking element, so as to require outside only the power dissipated in friction and losses of various kinds.

From the technical magazine “ORGANI DI TRASMISSIONE” (Nov. 99)

The test bench for rotary and transmission parts of the new Laboratories Center for Experimental Teaching of the Faculty of Engineering (Bovisa) was designed to be able to perform tests on transmission parts of various types (from joints to reducers, belts, chains, complete transmission) within the limits of the maximum installed capacity.

The main points of the project were therefore high flexibility of use, low power consumption (for long-term tests), the drive systems of the bench and measurement of mechanical quantities, data acquisition systems and tests management through PC are the latest generation technology

Download the PDF: rivista Organi di Trasmissione.

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