Torsion Tests

Bench for Fatigue Torsion Tests

Our machines to perform TORSION TESTS are characterized by a rotating actuator (vane drive) servo controlled that applies a dynamic torsion load to testing component and by means of a torque meter and rotary potentiometer allows the detection thanks to the counter-reaction control of the force and the angular displacement.

These actuators are specifically designed for the test application. All components of the actuator are dimensioned to have a long life. All rotating parts are designed to be symmetrical to the axial center to allow an internal balance of the actuator itself. These balances allow use even at high speed and the use for fatigue tests.

Bench for Static Torsion Tests

For low-speed tests, we produce torsion machines driven by a stepper motor with a gear reducer. These machines are suitable for tests of batches production of rubber-metal components, the component to be tested is blocked by sealing jaws actuated by pneumatic pistons and then subjected to torsion with the torsional torque detection over the whole range of angular displacement programmed, it’s possible also set the speed of torsion. The parts to be discarded are marked and there is also a warning light and an acoustic message.

Sectors of application:

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